BJ Heinrichs

“I’ve struggled with addiction since I was 15 years old. I had lost
trust with all my family and friends. I hit rock bottom, and then I hit rock
bottom again. Something had to give, I couldn’t keep living the way I was

Throughout the three years of being with the program Bj sustained
sobriety, finished schooling, and helped start a recovery group, Recovery and
Beyond, that hosts meetings twice a week. He now works full-time as a personal
trainer at GoodLife Fitness, lives independently and continues to serve on the
board of Recovery and Beyond – the meetings of which are conducted in house
here at Pan Am Place.

“Pan Am more or less teaches you to be a leader.  With the grueling boxing workouts and keeping you accountable with doing volunteer work. They encourage you to find work, go to school, and to do more for yourself. They pushed me to get off my butt and do something more, and as much as it sucked doing it, I always felt better afterwards.”

Will Bres

“I was struggling with alcohol addiction which led me to lose my job, got me kicked out of my parents’ house with nowhere to go, and got me in trouble with the law. My parole officer told me either get treatment or go to jail. I decided to get treatment. They let me move in within a week, and I ended up falling in love with it.”

Will progressed through the program living at the house for two years. Along with maintaining his sobriety, he now lives independently holding down a full-time job throughout the week and on the weekends works at Pan Am Place as a staff supervisor. 

“It’s not about teaching these guys how to fight, it’s about showing them that life is worth fighting for”.

Shane Acoby

“I am really enjoying the structured living and mandatory boxing classes. The Pan Am Place residents and staff are a great group of guys and I consider myself honored to know them.”

Shane had been suffering through the cycle of incarceration and addiction for much of his life. Since coming to Pan Am Place in the summer of 2023 he’s made exceptional progress – he’s maintained complete sobriety and is slated to start an apprenticeship in the the fall through Work Place Education Manitoba.

“I believe opportunities are being offered to me because of the discipline and support I am receiving at Pan Am Place.”