“Pan Am Place showed me how to live a healthy lifestyle.”


I came to PAP because: I didn’t have a place to stay. I came to stay at PAP and everyone here made me feel welcome, happy and supported.

PAP has given me: A chance to graduate and to live when I didn’t have a place to stay or money to pay rent.

Favourite workout: Technical boxing class

Favourite thing to cook: Steak

Favourite PAP memory so far: When we got our dog, Momma, for Christmas.

Favourite hobbies: Boxing, Football, Soccer

Favourite movie: Any comedy or boxing movie. I like cartoons too.

Favourite music artist/book: I coach boxing, so I like to read boxing rule books and tips for coaches.


Minty graduated high school in 2017 with the support of Pan Am Place. He currently has a full-time job and hopes to attend college in fall 2018.