“Pan Am Place has given me a lot of help to push myself to become a better adult.”


I came to PAP because: I was in need of a place to live after leaving my mother’s place, due to family issues. It was not a good environment.

PAP has given me: A home, food, a bed and a lot of help to push myself to become a better adult and to be more responsible.

Favourite thing to cook: pork chops and rice.

Favourite PAP memory so far: During my first year at PAP, myself and four other residents were able to get helium balloons after the Pan Am Boxing Christmas Party. We inhaled them and started to sing the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song for everyone. It was very funny.

Favourite Movie: Deadpool. Funny and an instant classic.


Dom graduated high school in 2017 with the support of Pan Am Place. He currently has a full-time job and looks forward to attending college in the fall of 2018.