Building on the success of Pan Am Boxing Club’s Youth-At-Risk program, Pan Am Place does more than provide boxing training to youth. We offer comprehensive programming that encourages a healthy and positive lifestyle for at-risk young men, including a transitional housing option.

We believe that in order for young men to benefit completely from the positive aspects of our Youth-At-Risk program, it is important that they become immersed in a supportive, encouraging and disciplined environment at all times, not just for a few hours per week. Avoiding unhealthy environments, destructive influences, abusive home or family situations and street life (drugs, alcohol, or gang contact) are key to ensuring youth stay on track with school, exercise, volunteerism, and proper nutrition.

Pan Am Place impacts all areas of the lives of young men, and helps them develop a positive work ethic that can be applied to everything they do. Our leaders focus on ‘developing the person through the program’, by fostering self esteem, self respect, respect for others and ownership through the program and the facility. Many of our leaders have had past experiences similar to those of our residents, making them credible sources of mentorship and guidance for at-risk young men.