When the system knocks them down,

WE HElp them GET back on their feet.


Many men living on the streets of Winnipeg first experienced homelessness as young adults. Some of them were raised around family conflict, in a group home environment, or in the foster care system. Others have spent time in jail, have suffered debilitating injuries, or struggle with mental health issues. But they all come from an unstable environment, and often haven’t been taught the social skills required for independent living.

By helping, supporting, providing housing to young men that need direction and assistance, we can break the cycle of homelessness before it takes hold of their lives.

Pan Am Place offers at-risk youth age 18-29 a supportive environment where they learn about responsibility, community, and discipline. Our residents have more in common than a troubled past: they share a desire to make a lasting, positive change in their lives. And we help them do it.

According to the 2015 Winnipeg Street Survey:

The majority of Winnipeg’s homeless population is male.

The most frequent age people first experienced homelessness was 18 years old.

The most common reason people first experienced homelessness was family conflict or breakdown.



Pan Am Place residents earn their stay by taking care of themselves, and each other. Each young man is responsible for his share of cleaning duties and meal preparation, and they train together and eat together throughout the week. This shared experience creates a strong family bond at a time in their lives when they feel most alone.

Our Win Record

3 to 4

boxing classes completed by each resident every week.

3 TO 4

volunteer hours performed by each resident every week.


corporate partners offering employment and volunteer opportunities for residents